Laterals, gravel, and the “road hole” bunker…

Golf Course Project Update for 10-6-17


  • Now that the golf course is closed for full renovation work please do not park at the maintenance facility or be on the course to check progress. This is for safety reasons due to many contractors moving around, large equipment, and open trenches.
  • Hard hat tours will begin on weekends for anyone interested in seeing project progress.

Week in review time-lapse video:

  Project Scorecard (use the link to follow progress scorecard):


Tanto is now down to five holes of mainline left to complete. Holes 1,2,16-18 are all that remain to be installed. Last week they were able to install 3-5, while also completing more greens loops. They have installed nine greens loops to date. Also at the beginning of this week we got our first hole of laterals installed on #8 fairway. All that remains on #8 is the tee. The plan moving forward is to keep pushing on mainline and install greens loops ahead of Agri-Scape as needed.

Installation of lateral lines on #8 fairway. There were a few spots of ledge to be rock wheeled out but overall the install went smoothly. It took Tanto a day and a half to complete this hole.
Tanto continuing mainline install behind #4 green moving towards #16 fairway. The tee on #16 has been stripped and raised to create views down that hole on the tee shot.

Master Plan

This has been a big week as we received our first loads of the new greens mix that will begin being installed next week. Once the mix is installed and to grade the next step is sodding. Things keep plugging along with Agri-Scape as they now have all greens stripped and only two greens remaining (3, 11) to get to subgrade. Six holes (6-9,12,13) have been drained and gravel installed. Some of the bigger changes that are taking place on #1,2,16 have been roughed out with the bulldozer.

First loads of greens mix arrived early morning and 33 trucks later we filled up the shop lot. For the renovation we will install over 6000 tons of this mix that we will grow our new Bent grass greens on.


Looking down on #2 green as the bulldozer shapes the new green and fairway while work on #1 takes place in the background.
#18 green being cored out as only a couple greens remain.
#13 green after drainage install. The new green will be quite a bit larger in size (around 11,000 square feet) and needed of 1500 feet of drainage installed. The drainage is all tied together throughout the whole green allowing for plenty of drainage but also allowing for the most efficient use of the sub surface Precision Air system.
#13 green after gravel installed
#15 will be different as a “road hole” bunker will be added on the left in place of the old bunker and the right side bunker gets extended closer to the front of the green.
Although the golf course is closed, the Pro shop creatively laid out a par 3 course on the driving range for “Twilight golf” this week. The grounds staff was able to help them mow greens and tees in the range field to create the course.
Gunner always ready to lend Gary a helping hand shoveling gravel.

The staff along with Green & Grounds thanks you for the continued support and patience as we undergo this major renovation.


Matt PowellGreen & Grounds Superintendent

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