Satellites, drain lines, and the “Biarritz”…

Golf Course Project Update for 9-27-17


  • Now that the golf course is closed for full renovation work please do not park at the maintenance facility or be on the course to check progress. This is for safety reasons due to many contractors moving around, large equipment, and open trenches.
  • Hard hat tours will begin on weekends for anyone interested in seeing project progress.

Week in review (9/25 – 9/29) time-lapse video 

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.23.58 PM
Project Scorecard

Project Scorecard (use the link to follow progress on the scorecard):


Tanto has now made the jump to the clubhouse side of the road with mainline installation and have already completed #5 while currently continuing down #4. At the beginning of this week they were able to complete the remainder of the 10 holes on the maintenance side of the road. Also in the past week Tanto installed the greens loops on #7-9, 12, and 14. As greens get prepped by Agri-Scape they will continue to install the loops to ensure we have water on these greens as needed. 

mainline #4
Tanto installing mainline down the right of #4. Only seven holes of mainline left to install on the clubhouse side of the road. That side of the road consists of smaller pipes and holes so we anticipate install to go relatively fast as long as there is no large amount of rock.
satellite install
Satellite installation has begun. Each hole will consist of a couple of boxes located in out of play areas. The satellites connect all of the wires to each individual head and communicate with our new central control computer.
irrigation consultant
Irrigation consultant Jim White installing the new Toro Lynx software on the computer in the office. This new central control will allow our staff to have the most up to date technology in the industry allowing for a more reliable, efficient, user friendly software. As new heads get installed and hooked up to the satellites we will be able to run them.

Master Plan

Once things finally dried out from last week’s rain Agri-Scape made some good progress. All ten greens on the maintenance side of the road have been stripped of sod. All greens have been cored out except #15 but that will be finished this week and the crew will venture to the clubhouse side. Once on that side of the road the crews will begin on #2 and 4. #2 will be bulldozer work as the green elevation gets lower and the soil pushed to the left forming a new uphill approach that ties into the existing fairway. As of mid-week there are four greens that have new drainage- #7-9, 12.

drainlines 7&9
View looking onto #7 & 9 greens as drainage and gravel install took place this week.
drainlines 7
Drain lines on #7 green being installed
All the key players checking out the new “Biarritz” green on #14 last weekend. After a few tweaks it has gotten architect Silva’s approval and is coming together nicely.
#10 green being cored out this week
#2 new sewer line
View looking down #2 with the new sewer line. This new pipe is installed at a 4 foot depth and will allow the clubhouse to expand in the future. This large area of disruption will be taking place along 1, 2, and 16.

The staff along with Green & Grounds thanks you for the continued support and patience as we undergo this major renovation.

Matt PowellGreen & Grounds Superintendent

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