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Golf Course Project Update for 9-20-17

  • Now that the golf course is closed for full renovation work please do not park at the maintenance facility or be on the course to check progress. This is for safety reasons due to many contractors moving around, large equipment, and open trenches.
  • Hard hat tours will begin on weekends for anyone interested in seeing project progress.

    Project Scorecard (use the link to follow progress scorecard):

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.23.58 PM
Scorecard for Front 9
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 7.24.22 PM
Scorecard for Back 9


Good progress was made over the past week with mainline installation. Tanto was able to make it to the pump-house and along the way finish #6 and #7 mainlines. We also installed our first greens loop and new heads on #8 green after Agri-Scape got the green cored out. Now that the green has its new irrigation we are ready to begin using it whenever we need to. As expected, the left side of #7 provided several sections of rock/ ledge that they were able to break through to install the new pipe. This now means nine holes of install have been complete leaving only #14 on this side of the road left to finish. With iffy weather on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the Hurricane progress may be halted. When it is raining Tanto cannot weld pipe together because it will not seal properly and wet conditions also create more of a mess.

On Tuesday we officially tied our new 16” pipe into the pump-house. Our old mainline pipe coming from the pump-house was only 6” so the new system will be much more efficient and be able to produce a much higher GPM.
Tanto fusing the 16” pipe to be connected into the pump-house.
Tanto working late to get the line connected to the pump-house before the anticipated rain the next day.
Rock wheel and hammer back in action on the hill left of #7 green.


Master Plan

The real fun has begun for Agri-Scape as they have ramped up their staff with their main focus shifting to the greens construction. Over the first week they have stripped greens 6-9, 11, and 12. Greens 8, 9, 11, 12 have been cored out with the help of the GreenScan3D data, which allows the shaper to recreate the green in the sub-grade. Once the green is cored out to the proper 16” depth the next step is to install drainage and a 4” gravel layer at the base of each green. #8 has been completed thus far with gravel while #9 in progress. The gravel layer will be checked with GreenScan3D as well to make sure that it is uniformly 12” below the surface so the greens mix is installed at correct depths.

#8 green after being cored out last week and prior to drainage install.
#9 green being cored out while Tanto continues trenching between 7 and 9.
Looking from the approach to #6 green as the bulldozer creates the new shape of the hole. This will be one of the more dramatic changes on the course as the green will be a “reverse redan” with bunkers flanking it on the left and right.
#6 from behind the green looking back to the fairway.
The layers inside of the greens are clearly visible after being cored out. The top 3” have been modified over the years with aerification and topdressing but the rest of the way down is solid layers of clay.
The GreenScan3D total station is used on each green as it is being cored out to help the shaper get the sub-grade just right. All the coordinates are stored in the unit and relays the data so that any point on the green can be cored out to the proper depth.
Gunner and architect Brian Silva discussing the next steps.


The staff along with Green & Grounds thanks you for the continued support and patience as we undergo this major renovation.

Matt Powell, Green & Grounds Superintendent

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