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Golf Course Project Update for 9-6-17


  • Depending on where work is being done we will move tee markers up or into the fairways to avoid hitting around the contractors. If greenside bunker work is taking place we will move the flag into the fairway for a short period of time in order to keep the contractors working most efficiently.
  • Please play all areas in the construction zone as Ground Under Repair.
  • You will notice flags/ whiskers or paint on holes #6-15 denoting where new heads are going to be installed. Please do not remove any of these markings.


Tanto was able to complete holes #13 and 15 last week which makes seven holes of mainlines complete thus far. These holes provided only a couple spots of rock hammering on #13 but nothing major to hinder progress. There were however, more existing pipe, wiring, and drainage that the crew had to work around. As Tanto comes across any lines that may be compromised the crew fixes them immediately. On Tuesday they were able to install the pipe that crosses Westfield Street. This pipe goes under the road between 15 and 4 green.

Looking ahead: #6 will be the main focus of Tanto for the remainder of the week. The pipe being used is a larger size mainline which takes more time to install. This larger pipe will run the entire left side of #6 and #7 before tying into the pump house. Due to upcoming tournaments they most likely will not finish this hole until the following week. Once we have tied into the pump house we will be operating the new and old irrigation system simultaneously for a period of time. Having the new system operational gives us the ability to provide water for the new greens as needed. 

drone 6 tee
Tanto installing mainline left of #6 tee


mainline section
Finishing up a section of mainline as the storm rolls in

HDPE fuse
The machine used to fuse the bigger mainline pipe together. The HDPE pipe is heated with this machine causing a permanent welding of two pipes. This differs from PVC pipe because there are no glue fittings

mainline under road
The mainline pipe running under Westfield street that will feed water to the clubhouse side of the road was installed earlier this week

Master Plan

To date, 27 bunkers have been renovated as we head into President’s Cup weekend. All bunkers on holes 4, 7, 8, and 9 are now complete. As we head towards the final tournament of the season we plan to open all bunkers up for play out of the sand. Any new sod areas will still be roped off and remain as Ground Under Repair.

Looking Ahead: Agri-Scape will finish up any cleanup work for the remainder of this week and begin to prepare for when we close. Once we close down on the 13th they will bring in a much larger crew to begin the renovation work on the greens. A crew of 25 people will arrive on site and really help accelerate the process.

drone new view #1
Drone view looking down #1 fairway showing the new expansions

#4 greenside
#4 green-side after the bunkers have been sodded and new sand installed

#13 fwy bunker removal
#13 fairway right side expansion after the bunker was taken out this week

#2 & #4 bunkers completed
#2 & 4 fairway bunker work was completed this week

The staff along with Green & Grounds thanks you for the continued support and patience as we undergo this major renovation.

Matt PowellGreen & Grounds Superintendent

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