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Golf Course Project Update for 8-30-17


  • Depending on where work is being done we will move tee markers up or into the fairways to avoid hitting around the contractors. If greenside bunker work is taking place we will move the flag into the fairway for a short period of time in order to keep the contractors working most efficiently.
  • Please play all areas in the construction zone as Ground Under Repair.
  • You will notice flags/ whiskers or paint on holes #7-15 denoting where new heads are going to be installed. Please do not remove any of these markings.


Tanto was able to complete holes #11 and 12 last week prior to the weekend, which makes five holes of mainlines complete thus far. On #11 hillside they ran into granite as they were trenching which slowed them down a bit. Once they got through this area it was relatively easy digging the rest of the way up to #12 tee. They proceeded to move to behind #9 green and install that run of pipe over left of #7 green which will be tied into at a future date. 

Looking ahead: #13-15 are next in line for mainline pipe, which Tanto hopes to complete by weeks end. Wednesday they began trenching along 14 and will continue this line down the left of #15 fairway. They will not be working Sunday or Monday (September 3-4) due to the holiday.

drone image

Mainline install in front of #12 tee which took place Monday morning

cutting rock

Rock wheeling the granite on #11 hillside

flagging fwy

Flagging #13 fairway that includes the new fairway expansion and bunker renovation plans

drone flaggingFlagging #13 and taking into consideration the new green which will be expanded quite dramatically making for a much more exciting “Punchbowl.” The expansion of the green is highlighted in red. The dots indicate where new heads will be installed. Each fairway will have a center and outer row of heads. Along the outside edges of the fairway there will be an extra head that will only water the rough. This will allow for more precise watering as the fairways and rough have different water requirements due to being different types of turf.

fusing pipe

After fusing together the pipes the crew tapes the ends to ensure nothing will get in them prior to install. 

Master Plan

To date, 13 bunkers have been completed on holes #7-9. Once the three remaining bunkers on #7 are complete this week then all bunkers on holes 7-9 are finished. There are currently several other bunkers being worked on including the remaining bunkers of #7 and the fairway bunkers on #2 & 4. Agri-Scape will be focusing their efforts towards completing this set of bunkers for the remainder of this week and into next week. Matrix will be delivered Thursday 8/30 for some of these bunkers and sod will be here Thursday 8/31 for #7 fairway bunkers. The bunkers on #2/ 4 fairway will require very minimal sod work which will help speed up the process.

7 fwy bunkers

#7 right fairway bunkers have been prepped and Matrix installed. Sod work will be complete later this week

7 greenside bunkers

#7 greenside bunker work taking place. This bunker does not receive any new sod. It gets cleaned out, new drainage, matrix, and new sand.

8 greenside matrix

Matrix liner install on #8 green-side. This work was completed along with sand being added on Monday 8/28

8 fwy before8 fwy after

Before and after photos of #8 fairway bunkers

9 green bunkers after sod

#9 Green after new sod and sand install

8 greenside bunkers after sod

#8 Green after sod install

1 fwy master plan

1 fwy

#1 fairway expansion taking shape. As you can see on the proposed drawing from our architect the left and right side of the fairway get larger. Our staff has been starting to implement these changes by scalping these areas down and seeding them to the same turf as the fairway (Bent grass). This fairway will change completely as the fairway bunker will be eliminated on the right and three bunkers added further up on the left of the fairway. It is the architect’s intent with these changes to make for a more stunning opening hole.

  7 greenside bunker failed drainage

Failed/ broken drainage pipe found in #7 green-side bunker. The renovation is to remediate any of these problems and create properly functioning bunkers that our membership can enjoy.

The staff along with Green & Grounds thanks you for the continued support and patience as we undergo this major renovation.

Matt Powell, Green & Grounds Superintendent

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