Early start, results taking place!

Golf Course Project Update for 8-23-17


  • Depending on where work is being done we will move tee markers up or into the fairways to avoid hitting around the contractors. If greenside bunker work is taking place we will move the flag into the fairway for a short period of time in order to keep the contractors working most efficiently.
  • Please play all areas in the construction zone as Ground Under Repair.


Since Tanto began trenching mainlines last week, they have now completed three holes. Holes #8-10 have been finished, which total 4000 linear feet of new pipe installed. It did not take long to see why Tanto is one of the best in the business as their crew works very hard and efficiently. Other than running into some rocky spots it has not been too bad overall. On a typical day the crew can make it 800-1000 feet if they do not hit rock.

Looking ahead: #11 and 12 are up next for pipe. You will notice these holes have been flagged out along with #7-10. Tanto plans to work its way up these two holes back towards the pumphouse. Once they have reached the pumphouse we will tie into the existing system. This will give us the opportunity to run anything through the new lines at the same time as the old. The process for hooking into the pumphouse will take up to 2-3 days due to the larger piping and connections required. We will be hoping for rain or colder temperatures as we get to that time so we can afford to shut down the pump station for a couple days.

mainline irrigation 10

Mainline installation on #10

drilling through rock

Never a good sign when you see the rock wheel going. Running the mainline along #10 tee was a little rocky and slowed progress for a short period of time. Tanto used nearly 500 teeth over a 50 yard stretch in order to break through the ledge. Once they passed through this area it was smooth sailing the rest of the way on #10, which is the biggest hole on the course.

Master Plan

Agri-scape was able to complete #7 and 8 fairway bunkers last week. This week the crew has focused their attention on all of the bunkers on #9 and #8 green. Matrix installation will be taking place Tuesday and Thursday this week, while sod delivery taking place on Wednesday. Once the matrix and sod work is finished the new sand will be installed prior to the weekend.

Looking ahead to the upcoming week the crew plans to attack the remaining bunkers on #7. These bunkers include the one greenside bunker and 2 remaining fairway bunkers. They will then move to #2, 4, and 13 fairway bunkers. After the remaining bunkers on #7 are complete next week the crew will have a total of 17 bunkers complete. That means that all of #7-9 bunker work is finished.

completed green side bunkers on 7

View from #7 tee looking at the newly completed left side fairway bunkers. These bunkers along with the bunkers on #8 and #9 will remain Ground Under Repair until the sod roots in. Ball retrievers have been provided to avoid walking on any of the new sod. Once the bunker sand is compacted and raked they will open for play but please stay off the sod. Opening the bunkers for play will give members the opportunity to play out of our new sand. We will update the status of these bunkers as we move along.

greenside bunkers 9

#9 Greenside bunkers after preparing for Matrix and sod

green side bunkers 9 matrix

#9 Greenside bunkers after the Matrix installed

green side bunkers 9 sod

#9 Greenside bunker sod installation taking place

watering in

Most recent picture of our new greens. Colin Boyd, our supplier, is happy with the progress and says things look good. The greens will be ready for installation after we close in Septemeber. The Bentgrass varieties are 007 & Pure Distinction. The varieties we have chosen are some of the newer, most commonly used on the market.
The staff along with Green & Grounds thanks you for the continued support and patience as we undergo this major renovation.

Matt Powell
Green & Grounds Superintendent

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