Mainline trenching has begun

Golf Course Project Update for 8-16-17


Trenching has begun! Tanto started mainline installation on Tuesday along the right side of #8 fairway. The reason for starting close to the pumphouse is to bring the water with them as they move through the course. Our existing system will be in full use throughout the work and the new system will be tied in along the way. At certain times both systems will be operational in some capacity. On the first day of trenching Tanto was able to make it most of the way through #8 (roughly 600 feet) while only hitting a couple sections of rock. Sections containing rock will be hammered or taken out with a rock wheel.

Reminders: Depending on where the work is being done we may have to move tee markers into the fairways to avoid hitting over the workers.

Please play all areas in the construction zone as Ground Under Repair.


Before any trenches were dug the first step was to flag out where the heads will go. This was done on holes 7-9 and each flag/ paint line denotes these locations. These are marked out so Tanto knows where to install valves on the main line for each lateral line. The process involves several people and a couple 300 foot tape measures (as seen in picture). The heads are layed out based on having an even spacing which creates distribution uniformity and determines which head/ nozzles will be used.

8 irrigation

The trenching process is very impressive to see once it gets going. Tanto has each team member in charge of a specific facet of the work. Once the trench is dug the other crew members follow with the install of all the pipe, wire, conduit, valves, and boxes. Then the finish crew fills the trench with soil, tamps it, and lays the sod.


View of all the work taking place on #8 from the drone.

Master Plan

Agri-scape continues to finish up the 5 fairway bunkers on #7 and 8. These bunkers have all had the Matrix liner installed in them and new bunker sand added. The crew hopes to finish up the sod work by the end of the week. Once all of the work has been completed on these bunkers they will remain Ground Under Repair on the new sod but the sand will be playable once it has been compacted. Please look for further updates on their status.

matrix install

Matrix liner being installed. This porous material is 33% air space allowing for adequate drainage under the sand. It is a 2” layer over the drain line that gives water a place to travel under the sand without washing it out. The liner is meant to protect the sand from any contamination that occurs from the soil underneath. The material creates a tight seal over the soil that does not allow for these contaminants.

#7 shaping

Drone picture of shaping work that took place on #7

#8 matrix

The matrix is raked out to a 2” depth on top of the subsoil.

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