Delivery Week has arrived!

Delivery week has arrived for all of the upcoming golf course project work. You may have already seen the equipment lined up along #16 fairway for Tanto Irrigation, which arrived over the last couple of weeks. This week is when we will receive most of the irrigation pipe, wire, sprinklers, drainage tile, etc. The first loads of pipe and storage containers started rolling in Monday morning and will continue over the course of the week. One of the main staging areas for the irrigation materials will be along the road between #11 and #13 fairway just past the maintenance building. The other area will be to the left of hole #5 along the wood line in the native area. The drainage tile is being delivered in the back of the maintenance shop lot. These areas serve as more centralized locations and allow for easy access to the materials.

It is also going to be move in week for the contractors, as both Tanto and Agri-scapes will be getting themselves settled in.

Tanto arrived Monday morning to begin staging themselves and has been handling all of the material deliveries. Beginning August 14 Tanto will start digging the first main lines on #8 and work their way towards the clubhouse. The thought is to begin near the pumphouse and be able to bring the water with us as we go. Before the trenching begins we will be flagging the lines where they are to install. Our irrigation consultant Jim White will be helping with this process to make sure things are laid out according to plan. The “whiskers” will be put in specific places to mark where the lateral lines are to be tied in. These will remain in place until install is complete in that area. There will be a couple holes at a time flagged out.

Master Plan:
Agri-scapes began arriving mid-week and plans to begin some of the bunker work by Wednesday Aug. 9 on #7 or 8 fairway bunkers. In areas where the contractors are working please play them as Ground Under Repair. This process will consist of a small crew working on a couple bunkers at a time. Each bunker should only take a couple days to complete. The bunkers that are being done do not require major shaping and thus creating little disturbance.

The process for the bunkers will be:


  •   Remove the old bunker sand
  •   Check drainage or install new as needed
  •   Install Matrix bunker liner
  •   Install new sod on the bunker face
  •   Add the new bunker sand


 irr delivery

First load of irrigation pipe arriving Monday morning

 irr delivery1
HDPE pipe 

The pipe is HDPE rather than the traditional PVC. This is a much more flexible, stronger, thicker type of material that will be able to withstand the rough New England winters. It will have a longer life span than that of PVC. This type of pipe also does not require any glue fittings because each piece is fused together forming a stronger connection. The smaller pipe in the picture is 2” pipe that will be used for the lateral lines in the fairways, around greens, and tees. The bigger pipe is 10” which will be used for the main lines that tie into the pumphouse and feed the whole system. The system has been designed using many different sizes of pipe that will double our current GPM water output allowing for more efficient watering time and ensure consistent pressure anywhere on property.

 irr delivery2
 Unloading and staging the pipe along #11 cart path.
As you can see the pipe is flexible and has more give to it than PVC which makes it less apt to breaking easily. Our Tanto irrigation Superintendent Biagio is overseeing the work and will be the crew leader during installation. He was the lead installer at other local clubs such as Pinebrook, Charles River, and Belmont so he is familiar with the conditions he will face on our property.
 drainage pipe
 Drainage Pipe

In addition to the irrigation pipe delivery we have also received a majority of our necessary drainage pipe. The drainage pipe will be used for the Master Plan work in the new greens and bunkers. The pipe is plastic ADS tile consisting of both 4” and 6” sticks. This pipe is being staged in the back of the maintenance facility shop lot.  

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