Sod selection for renovation

Some of the G&G staff recently took trips to pick out sod for the upcoming Fall renovation. For the bunker renovation/ rough sod work we will be needing around 10 acres. The club has chosen to go with a 50/50 Bluegrass/ Fescue mix that is currently being grown in Maine. This 10 acre field has been reserved for us and will be ready come project time. The most recent update is that the field is growing in ahead of schedule and looking good. The thought process behind selecting these turf varieties is having the benefit of the Bluegrass wear tolerance with the drought tolerance of the Fescue. Also, these varieties have been known to deal well with some of the less than ideal soils and weather conditions of the Northeast region. After research, discussions with other local Superintendents, and the site visit we made our decision.

Rough sod 7-19-17

The second trip for sod inspection was to Pittsburgh to take a look at the Creeping Bentgrass greens. This sod is being grown for the club by Boyd Turf, who will be helping with the installation of the sod during the renovation. The varieties the club has chosen will be a 007/ Pure Distinction blend. The sod is being grown on a 90-10 sand/ compost mix that will match up well with our selected greens mix. Again, based off of NTEP research trial data and many conversations with colleagues these became the chosen varieties for the club.

007Boyd visitGreens sod1Grns sod 6-15-17

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